E-learning course PGS37-2 (Dutch)



E-learning course PGS37-2 Educated Person

According to the PGS37-2 concept, at least one PGS37-2 Trained Person must be appointed by the company, who must be present in the storage facility during work. Of course this is not yet an obligation (probably from the second half of 2023), but as a company you can also prepare yourself in advance. Please note that things may change in the future. In the meantime you can already gain this knowledge.

Since PGS37-2 Educated Person is sometimes on holiday or will be ill, this often results in a minimum of 2 people. This Trained Person must have demonstrably sufficient professional competence in the areas of: The PGS regulations that apply to his/her work and handling of the resources available for incident response with energy carriers must be reflected in the course.

However, in this E-learning course we don’t just look at the PGS37-2. Knowledge about sending lithium-ion-containing energy carriers is also covered in the course. The course consists of four modules in which the PGS37-2 (current draft version) and

Pre-education and for whom

You do not need any specific prior education to participate in the course. Anyone nominated by the company as a Trained Person can participate in the course.

Duration of the course and certificate

The course has been developed by specialists in lithium-ion containing energy carriers. Depending on your learning ability, the course takes between 4 and 6 hours. Don’t go through the lesson material too quickly and actually learn it. A test will be taken after participation in the course. If the participant has achieved 70% or more, he or she will receive an email with the PGS37-2 Recognized Person Certificate.

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Course language: Dutch