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About the IMDG Awareness course

Personnel engaged in the transport of dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea shall be trained in the contents of dangerous goods provisions commensurate with their responsibilities. Employees shall be trained in accordance with the provisions of 1.3.1 before assuming responsibilities. According to the IMDG Code personnel must at least have an IMDG Awareness Course certificate. This E-learning IMDG code can be followed 24/7.

Transporting dangerous goods by sea is a high-stakes endeavor. Safety must be the guiding principle, and this can only be achieved through rigorous training and adherence to international safety standards. The IMDG Code stands as a beacon of safety, outlining the protocols and procedures for safe transportation. The IMDG Awareness course is the IMDG training as E-learning for general shipping personnel such as office personnel, administrators, customer support and who require a working knowledge of the IMDG Code and dangerous goods shipping requirements.This course provides suitable knowledge for personnel who may not be covered by the Function Specific courses.This course is designed to meet the training requirements of the IMDG Code.

The online course consists of two modules:

• Module 1: The IMO, Conventions, Legal – and international requirements
• Module 2: General provisions, classes, packing groupss.and safety

Preparatory training

A preparatory training is not required. This is a basic course of dangerous goods that can be successfully completed by anyone who works for it. Therefore, we have not provided a recommended time for the course.

Certificate and duration.

One of the fundamental requirements set forth by the IMDG Code is that staff involved in the transport of dangerous goods must possess an IMDG awareness certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to their understanding and commitment to the safety protocols outlined in the code. It’s a tangible demonstration of their readiness to handle hazardous cargoes.The awareness course is concluded with a test with multiple choice questions. If the student has a score of 70% or more, he or she will receive the Certificate E-learning IMDG Awareness course. The course takes about 2 hours depending on the time that is put into it. We recommend that you go through all modules at least twice, so that the knowledge stays in place.

This course is available in several languages!



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