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About the IMDG code Ship loader course

Personnel engaged in the ship loading of dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea shall be trained in the contents of dangerous goods provisions commensurate with their responsibilities. The IMDG Code ship loader course is for those who require IMDG training for freight forwarding dangerous goods. According to the IMDG Code personnel must at least have an IMDG Code Ship loader Course certificate. This E-learning IMDG code can be followed 24/7.

The first step in comprehending the significance of the IMDG Code Ship Loader Course is to acknowledge the complexities surrounding dangerous goods. These are materials or items with the potential to harm people, property, or the environment when transported by sea. They encompass a broad spectrum of substances, from flammable liquids to corrosive chemicals and radioactive materials. One of the key requirements set forth by the IMDG Code is that personnel involved in the ship loading of dangerous goods must hold an IMDG Code Ship Loader Course certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to their competence and understanding of the intricacies involved in handling dangerous goods. It signifies that they are well-prepared to execute their responsibilities safely and efficiently.

This IMDG course provides suitable knowledge for Ship loaders:

The online course consists of Five modules:

Module 1: The IMO, Conventions, Legal – and international requirements
Module 2: General provisions, classes, labels, packing groupss.and safety
Module 3: Segregation and general provisions
Module 4: Documentation and limited quantities
Module 5: Ship operations

Preparatory training
A preparatory training is not required. This is a basic course of dangerous goods that can be successfully completed by anyone who works for it. Therefore, we have not provided a recommended time for the course.

Certificate and duration
The ship loader course is concluded with a test with multiple choice questions. If the student has a score of 70% or more, they will receive the Certificate E-learning IMDG code Course. The course takes about 3 – 4 hours depending on the time that is put into it. We recommend that you go through all modules at least twice, so that the knowledge stays in place.

Language: English

Dive into the world of dangerous goods as classified by the IMDG Code, understanding their types, and safe handling methods.

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