E-learning ADR Dangerous goods Safety Advisor (Dutch)



Every company whose business involves the shipment or transport of dangerous goods by road must engage an ADR Dangerous goods Safety Advisor. The company must also comply with the associated packaging, loading, filling or unloading of hazardous substances. The task of the safety adviser is to ensure that the transport of dangerous goods is as safe as possible. Start your E-learning ADR Security Advisor now.

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No prior education is required and this course is therefore open to everyone. The course contains 6 modules, after which you can practice with a set of questions. You can determine the speed yourself and you can repeat the modules as many times as you wish. You have 6 months to our system. After ordering the course you will receive a confirmation that you have registered for the course. After payment you can start the course immediately. The course material already contains an online version of the ADR. However, it is advisable to order the ADR code books when ordering the course. This is because you need it for the exam.

Language: Dutch

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