E-learning Course Working with hazardous substances in the lab (Dutch)

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Lab technicians often work with chemicals for many years and have learned the basics in laboratory training in the distant past. In practice, knowledge is lost over time. Then it is wise to follow an update course. As a company or organization, with this e-learning course you no longer have an excuse not to train your employees. The course is presented in clear and extensive online presentations.

This online course contains multiple modules and topics:

  • Legislation and regulations for the storage, transport and use of hazardous substances.
  • The classification according to GHS, WMS and ADR as well as the properties of substances.
  • Safety in the lab, reading MSDSs and wearing PPE.
  • The PGS15 and the separation of substances.
  • Dealing with calamities involving hazardous substances in the lab.

Each module is concluded with a practical questionnaire. After completing the course of the last questionnaire and provided that the course is satisfactory, the student will receive the Certificate of Safe Working with Hazardous Substances in the Lab.

You can register for this course via this page. Enter the number of students by changing the number, enter names, dates of birth and email addresses in the notes screen, pay and you can immediately download the course letter to start the course immediately. Do not forget to send the course letter to the other participants. You will also receive an invoice for your administration within 48 hours.

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