E-learning Dangerous goods Awareness Course (Turkish)


Get your Certificate Awareness dangerous goods. Specify the order under “order notes” – Name – Date of birth – E-mail   of all course participants.


Get your Certificate Awareness dangerous goods. Your E-learning / online Course in Turkish: learn 24/7 about the basics of Dangerous goods and get your certificate.

According to many local regulations employees who work frequently or occasionally with dangerous goods must have followed a Course Awareness Dangerous goods. The online course can be followed 24/7. There is no longer an excuse not to train your employees. The course is same as the ‘Course ADR Awareness’ and ‘Course Working with hazardous goods’.

This online course consists of four modules:

• Law – and regulatory of storage, transport and working with dangerous goods.
• The classification according to GHS, EU and ADR/IMDG as well as the properties of substances.
• Reading safety data sheets.
• The job requirements according to the ADR, 1000 points table, separating substances etc.
• Dealing with spill management of dangerous goods

Each module ends with a questionnaire. After finishing the course and, of course, a possitive result, the student receives his or her Certificate Awareness Dangerous goods.

For whom

Everyone who works occasionally or frequently with dangerous goods. The course is conform the ADR (1.3) for the courier, packer, unloader, loader.and sender. Whether in a warehouse, laboratory, for the government or in a hospital.


Pre-education is not required. This is a Dangerous goods Awareness course and is doable for someone who is committed to it. We have therefore specifically not linked a duration to the course.

Courselanguage: Turkish
General duration: 2 to 3 houres

You can register for this Turkish course via this page (translation below). Specify the number of students by changing the number, enter names, birth dates and email addresses in the notes screen, pay and you can download the course letter immediately to start the course or it will be send to you within 48 houres. Don’t forget to send the course letter to the other participants.



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