E-learning – AEO Awareness (English)



E-learning – AEO Awareness

Discover the core of AEO certification with our e-learning module “AEO Awareness”. Learn about the definition, benefits, and application process of AEO certification, and understand how it simplifies and secures international trade. Ideal for companies that want to strengthen their competitive position and comply with international trade standards.

For whom?
This course is intended for professionals and companies involved in international trade, including importers, exporters, logistics managers, customs brokers, and compliance officers.

What will you be learning?
This course provides valuable insights and knowledge essential for professionals and companies active in international trade. By following this course:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program and its impact on international trade.
  • Learn about the benefits of AEO certification.
  • You will gain insight into the different types of AEO certificates and their specific criteria, allowing you to choose the right certification for your company.
  • You will discover the most important criteria and requirements for AEO certification, and learn how to prepare your company for a successful certification application.
  • Understand how you can effectively implement AEO standards within your organization.

In short, this course provides practical knowledge and tools that can help your business thrive in the complex world of international trade and meet increasingly stringent trade security and compliance requirements.