Asbestos Awareness Course (English)



Employees who could potentially come into contact with asbestos must be demonstrably trained with an Asbestos Awareness Course. They need to know the risks and know what they are talking about.

This online course Asbestos Awareness Course consists of:

  • Laws and regulations regarding asbestos.
  • Identifying different types of asbestos.
  • Learn how exposure to asbestos can lead to life-threatening diseases and long-term health risks.
  • Discover the true dangers of asbestos lurking in homes and workplaces.

Gain confidence in dealing with asbestos-related situations and make well-informed choices. Develop the skills to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and assess the risks associated with them.

The Asbestos Awareness Course is concluded with a test. After answering the questions and 70% of the answers are correct, the student receives the Asbestos Recognition Certificate.

For whom and preliminary education

Anyone who could potentially come into contact with asbestos; in materials, buildings or in soil. No previous education is required. This is a basic course and can be done well for someone who is committed to it. We therefore specifically do not have a specific duration associated with the course.

Course duration

Around 1 to 2 hours. Of course it can be done faster, but we recommend mainly ‘learning’ the lesson material. After the course there are a number of test questions to determine whether you have actually understood the course material. Everything very easy, but enough to ensure that you earn the certificate.

Language: English

This course is also available in other languages