In most countries, employees who frequently or incidentally have to work with dangerous goods must, by law, have knowledge of dangerous goods. This is no different in the Netherlands. Working with dangerous goods requires a broad and demonstrable awareness of these substances. Certification is required.

Education relating to dangerous goods is not only required to ensure safe working conditions, but also to ensure that transportation regulations (the ADR) are met. Additionally, in the Netherlands we are also faced with regulations applying to the storage of dangerous goods, the PGS15, which also determines the direction of education. Employees must be able to demonstrably show that they possess sufficient professional competence in dealing with dangerous goods and/or CMR substances, and combatting incidents with the resources available in the facility. Information regarding the professional competence of the expert must be present within the facility.

Courses can be participated in by means of open registration and in-company, but location and language are often problems. SafetyNet Education recently developed an e-learning course specifically for the English-speaking market. Employees from around the world are able to participate in these courses. With the online e-learning course Awareness Dangerous Goods, employees can participate in the course in their own time, whenever it suits them.

The course is presented in clear and expansive online presentations.

The online course consists of four modules:

  • Storage laws and regulations, transportation and use of dangerous goods.
  • The classification of goods according to the GHS, WM and ADR, and the properties of substances.
  • The functional requirements of compiling consignment notes, the storage check, 1,000-point table, substance separation, etc.
  • Incident control dangerous goods and safe working.

Each module is completed with a list of practical questions. Upon completion of the course and the adequate completion of the last list of questions, the course participant will receive the Certificate Awareness Dangerous Goods.

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